At heart I am a crafts person who likes making images. Professionally, I am a cinematographer with 15 years of commercial and digital marketing production experience. My mantra is to make sure your production runs smoothly and is stress free. With each job I’m reminded of my value proposition. Be Reliable, show Expertise, and be Consistent with the results, every time, no exception.

I provide a tailored offering of services that fit the needs of creative agencies and production companies seeking everything from preproduction assistance to delivery of camera original material. My team is comprised of highly experienced freelance partners across every discipline.

Previous to working as a Director of Photography, I worked the trenches as a lighting technician for 10 years on motion pictures, movies of the week (MOW) and dramatic TV series and commercials. My background has served me well to respect the crew, and give me the capacity to organize and manage large scale productions and logistics. Today, I use these skills to collaborate with directors, producers, and agencies to help them optimize their production goals and most importantly, realize their vision.

David optimax bw


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