How to create a ‘Video Mirror’ for a series of Make-up tutorials.

Shooting a series of make-up video tutorials for Rexall came with a self-imposed challenge. I watched how the pro vloggers were doing it but I noticed one consistency I definitely wanted to improve. I noticed the talent would always have two eye-line directions. Not to be mistaken with eye-liners, of course!  One eye-line is naturally directed into the camera lens while speaking to the audience but the second eye-line glances over to an off camera mirror to apply the actual make-up. The issue for me is the eye-line shifting back and forth makes for a distraction. How could this be improved?  What if Angie, our make-up artist could see her “reflection” in the lens so she wouldn’t have to look away to a mirror to apply the make-up? What if the camera became the “mirror”? The solution was to use a teleprompter over the lens in the traditional sense but take the video signal from the camera and loop it back into the teleprompter so Angie could see a video “reflection” of herself. This worked perfectly and gave a nice consistent eye-line into the lens when talking to the audience and when applying the makeup with no eye-line shifts. Problem solved! Thanks to Angie Di Battista for her amazing work. You can follow her on Instagram here


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