The Mathews ‘Infinity Arm’ Product Review.

The ‘Infinity Arm’ by Mathews is a versatile cine-arm used to quickly and efficiently mount cameras, lights, monitors and anything else where you might require a mounting solution. It is the strongest articulating cine arm on the market with a weight capacity of 15-25lbs depending on the configuration. At $330.00 US, it’s not the cheapest option out there but for what it does, I have not seen or used anything better.

What makes this one so special is the interchangeable tips that make it one of the most versatile ‘all-in-one’ arms out there. It has different removable ball-in-socket assembly tips at the outer ends for GoPros, baby spud adapters, mini Cardellini clamps, threaded adapters; you name it, and they likely have a tip for it, each sold separately, of course. It’s machined nicely and it’s heavy but it works as advertised; you tighten the locking mechanism down and there is absolutely no sag or settling.

There have been countless situations where I’ve been asked to mount Go-Pros and DSLR’s in elevators, on and in moving cars, attached to trikes, or cameras hanging from ceilings, and all sorts of other obscure things. Rigging these cameras, every time, required some extra thought, some special rigging ordered in advance, and a bit of extra time on set to make it happen. I’m all about anything that can help make my productions easier and the Infinity Arm makes these tasks faster, simpler and better than before.


The Infinity Arm Product Page.

The infinity arm at work with hot-shoe and baby spud tip attachments.img_2127Overkill. An Infinity are with nothing better to do but hold up a video transmitter.img_1995


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