Small HD introduces a ‘Game Changer’ Production field monitor.

I hate using the catchphrase ‘Game Changer’ because it has become such a banality to describe the latest technologies of our industry year after bloody year when something new comes out, but I really can’t think of a better way to describe Small HD’s entry into the large production field monitor market. These things have me really excited because they introduce so many features and benefits that it honestly makes the other monitor manufactures seem like they are totally asleep at the wheel. Goodnight fellas; You’ve got your work cut out for ya’.

You don’t have to be the Amazing Kreskin to predict that in six months time there will be a rental inventory shortage when people start requesting only these monitors for their sets. Today, sometimes it’s still difficult to find full HD monitors so imagine the availability of these? Somehow, Small HD has been able to create a cool factor with their monitors on par with camera bodies, and we just know all the cool kids on the block will be rocking them when they come out.

So what’s so good about them?

  • Size. Three perfect sizes, 17,24,32 inch monitors. If I could choose another size, I wouldn’t.
  • Build Quality. Like their smaller offerings the chassis is machined from solid slabs of aluminum like a big ol’ iPhone. Say ‘Sayonara’ to those Japanese plastic housings that crack and scratch when they meet a grip arm.


  • Brightness. Directors can now view outdoors. Can you imagine a day directors no longer complaining they can’t see the monitor!?  *Gasp* Sign me up. I’m sold. This is reason alone worth the price of admission. And grips will no longer be begrudged to build a forest around the monitor. Somebody stop me.
  • Accessory System. This is so huge the only people I can imagine getting more excited over this are the camera assistants out there that get off on this sort of thing. The ‘accessory rail system’ allows attachment of a wireless receiver (and other paraphernalia) directly to the back of the monitor..and… power it through the monitor with built in Lemo or XLR connectors. BOOM!!



Mounting. Comes with a convenient table stand and built-in C-stand mount.




  • HDR Ready. It’s a 10 bit panel allowing for HDR LUTs. It’s a buzzword at the moment but we are going here and it will be standard very soon. The days of monitoring REC709 LUT’s is quickly coming to an end as we adopt the new  Rec2020 colour space. Who cares what the broadcasters are equipped with? They’ve always been laggards anyway. Some streaming services are supporting HDR 10 bit delivery now. These monitors are ready for it.

#smallHD @smallHD

SmallHD 17, 24 and 32-inch HDR Production Monitors


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