Shooting ‘Home’ the music video for ‘Dzeko and Torres’ with the Canon C300 Mark II

I collaborated with the team at the Artcraft Zoo on their latest video for Canadian production and DJ duo, Dzeko and Torres. This was an interesting project for a couple of reasons. First, I genuinely liked the track these guys made, and secondly, the creative approach was simple and unique, yet different enough to pose an interesting challenge. The creative called for a documentary approach to shooting real events and then make a music video about it. Pretty simple enough but I was curious to see what could be made out of an approach like this.

The challenge, however, was not unique. Like so many projects of this type, there was little budget. The crew was chopped down to four total, including myself on camera, director, Daniel AM Rosenberg, Producer, Michael Goldlist, and camera assistant, Christopher Yapp. There was obviously no artificial lighting, except for the studio portion where we had to create the silhouettes for effect (see video). We knew we would have to make the most of available light in both exterior and interior locations, and we knew we had to be compact, light and nimble at the same time. The answer to what camera to use was pretty obvious.

We decided to shoot using the Canon C300 Mark 2 coupled with a Teradek Bolt 600 wireless transmitter. After some modifications, this combination of a light(er) weight camera body and wireless video allowed us to ‘run and gun’ around the city quickly and efficiently while not missing any of the action. The camera’s amazing low-light sensitivity was a real plus and got us through some of the darker interior locations without too much grief. It’s amazing what these newer generation cameras are capable of producing with little more than available light.

Budget shouldn’t be an excuse for lack of creativity, and in the end, a great musical track, some excellent planning and mad editing skills proves this one works quite nicely.



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