This photographer shares a wake-up call for those wanting to become pro image makers.

Finally, a realist among the bunch that doesn’t promote the law of attraction as a way of obtaining everything desired in life, especially those wishing to become professional image makers. The ‘tips’ Lim shares aren’t really tips but more matters of opinion based on Lim’s observations and experiences as an educator and professional photographer. In my opinion, there is a lot of truth to what Lim preaches and he gets pretty passionate, bordering on disgruntled. Most educators like to preach doing something different as a way of getting noticed, which is arguably true, but Lim gets closer to nailing it on the head, even if it is a bit uncomfortable for many to hear. He believes sacrificing more than the next guy, spending more time practicing and choosing wisely to invest money are the keys to moving forward. Interestingly, relationship building and client servicing is not part of Lim’s equation, but I’d argue this should be in everyone’s top ten list of priorities. My 0.02 cents.



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