Shooting the 2015 Subaru corporate videos.

No matter how often I shoot cars, and despite it getting easier, it is still a tedious and time consuming ordeal. I was hired by a local production company to help them make Subaru’s latest 2015 WRX, Outback and Legacy dealer and consumer information videos. These videos tell you all about the car and contain tons of content which make these videos almost 4 minutes long each! Compare that to a 30 second car commercial where you might have one to three studio angles at most to shoot and light; a luxury you won’t get shooting these types of videos. You can’t blow three hours lighting a single shot simply because you would never get finished. I allow more like 2-10 minutes tops. The trick is in finding a balance between speed and quality because you are tasked with having to showcase almost every detail of a vehicle’s inside and out in the span of one shoot day or less! To expedite the process, I typically like to allow a full day per vehicle starting with the wide exteriors first and gradually moving toward medium shots of exterior details before hitting the interior and ending the day with tight shots of dials and buttons. I’ll save a few macro shots and the entertainment system screen for last so the crew can get a huge jump on wrapping most of the gear.


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