Fujinon Premiere 24-180 T2.6 Zoom


Fuji 24-180

Incredibly sharp with negligible breathing and no ramping.









Just before taking off for vacation I did a job that granted me the opportunity to use the Fujinon Premiere 24-180 zoom lens which has since become my favourite zoom.  I’m a big fan of the Optimos like anyone else is but they never got me as excited as this lens did. It has perfect colour neutrality, incredible sharpness and just the right amount of contrast for my taste. It also doesn’t ramp one bit, but for $87,000 US, it shouldn’t!  It now makes sense why my Fuji XF lenses for my still camera are so optically phenomenal. The craftsmanship and characteristics of this cine zoom has clearly trickled down and found their way into their XF stills lenses. But I digress. Fuji also makes the 14-45, 18-85 and 75-400 cine zoom in the Premiere line and I’m on a mission to try them all when I find an opportunity that will justify it. The Premiere line of PL glass is one from a family of three lines of zooms made by Fuji. They make an entry level “Cabrio” zoom that is marketed as the budget, compact zoom. Next up from the Cabrio is the Alura which are excellent zooms in their own right and can stand toe to toe with the best zooms, in my opinion. At the top of Fuji’s heap are the Premieres which demonstrate a whole other level of superbness. I’m definitely going to use them every chance I can. I like their look and exactness, and dare I say, I like them better than the Optimos.

24-180 Fujinon Premiere. Used on an Alexa.

24-180 Fujinon Premiere. Used on an Alexa.


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