Keeping it simple on the Kristina Maria music video.

Once again, I teamed up with The Artcraft Zoo and Replay Entertainment for the music video production, “Walk Like a Soldier” for pop-singer, song writer, Kristina Maria. Director, Daniel AM Rosenberg and Producer Briin Bernstein were after a polished, bigger budget look and feel this time around. But that didn’t mean we had to get all crazy and super fancy in our approach. In fact, we stuck to the basics. Lighting was accomplished with a standard load-out combo package truck from William F. White with zero additional lighting or grip equipment. We shot using the Alexa camera system, a pee-wee dolly and a full compliment of ultra prime lenses. It was a pretty straight forward shoot shot over two days in three different locations; a heritage building, in studio, and a unit move to a paintball arena for the military sequences. Even with the unit move on day 2 and three set shifts, we still managed to wrap on time despite the package truck getting stuck in the snow!  The video has been well received and has made “high rotation” on the radio and on the Much Music TV channel.


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