Instagram. More than a thousand words.

Photo credit

Photo credit

I realize I’m late to the Instagram party but I originally arrived when almost no one had showed up yet. This was way back before Facebook bought Instagram in April of 2012 and made it the social juggernaut it is today. In the beginning I couldn’t get any real value out of it so I quickly left. Almost two years later I decided to have another go and I can’t believe how powerful it is now. Facebook has taken the app a long way from it’s humble beginnings and it is now perfectly suited for what I want to do. Like anyone else, when I find a few seconds on set to break away, I snap a few pics and share them later. The problem for me was I didn’t know how to best share them. I felt that putting them on Facebook seemed a bit weird because set photos seemed out of context there. I could twitter the photos but that also seemed to be the wrong channel. Blogging about them works but usually there’s not enough to say to justify writing a whole posting on a few photos. Instagram is the perfect tool for this because I can create mini stories and write quick blurbs one photo at a time. Yes, I know, I came back to the party late but I’m excited about where I’m planning to take my new Instagram feed.  Here is some incredible facts about Instagram:

  • 32M Americans used the Instagram mobile app each month in 2013, up 66% from 2012

  • Instagram users upload 40M photos to the site each day.

  • Brands with Instagram accounts share an average of 98% of the photos they post to the site to Facebook, and 59% to Twitter.

  • 8,500 photos are liked on Instagram per second.

  • 40M photos are uploaded to Instagram per day.

  • Source and more Instagram facts.


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