“Friend of Mine”, receives Juno nomination for Video of the Year.

The Artcraft Zoo and Replay Entertainment have received a Juno nomination for “Video of the Year” for the music video, “Friend of Mine” by D-Sisive. As DOP on the project, I am grateful to have collaborated with Directors, Daniel A M Rosenberg, Briin, “Briin”? Bernstein and Producer Jason Kennedy on another successful music video shoot. Unlike 99% of music videos that have brutally long days, we shot this over two shorter days and I was home to watch the sun set on both days. This team always comes prepared so there was never a minute of the day that was wasted on decision making or running around half-scattered.

We shot using the Red Epic and used mostly available light. It wasn’t supposed to look too glossy and romanticized so we chose to operate handheld for the majority of the time and use available light as much as possible. Ambient lighting was supplemented with a medium daylight chimera bag and a 1.2K HMI PAR to key the talent. The overhead lights in the classroom were changed to daylight balanced Optima 50 tubes and that was it. Outside sequences sometimes used an 8X8 bounce for fill lighting and we jumped on an aero crane for some of the performance parts.  We kept everything deliberately small and manageable to maximize the number of locations and set-ups.


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