Updated, December 24th — Fireman at 1000fps and in 4K glory


Here is some pretty awesome test video of fireman shot at 1000fps on the new Phantom Flex 4K high speed digital cinema camera. The other noteworthy feature about this 3rd generation Flex is it eliminates the need to be connected to a computer interface. Instead, the camera can be configured from a side panel (see above picture) similar to an Alexa or F55. Nice to see Vision Research taking a page from Sony and Arri. This is good news because it means there is no longer any need to spend extra cash on a separate technician which is currently the standard operating procedure when renting phantom cameras. Hopefully, this savings will make it just slightly more accessible for us to get our high speed on.

Video created by Director Brendan Bellomo and cinematographer Greg Wilson.

Update: Now on display at a leading rental shop in Toronto is a scorched Phantom Flex and 12mm Master Prime lens. This pair was also involved in the shooting of some fire sequences, but unfortunately, they weren’t as lucky as the Phantom shooting the fire video above. In this case, the camera was set up in a “crash box” to photograph a burning house. As the crew watched on, the Phantom and Master Prime was being burnt to a crisp inside the box. Take note people, crash boxes are not designed for heat and fire protection. In the movie Backdraft, specially designed fire boxes were created to protect the equipment. Replacement costs after depreciation of equipment is estimated at $160,000.00

photo 2 photo 1


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