EOS-1D C first digital SLR camera to meet European Broadcast Standards


European broadcast standards have always been notoriously one of the most stringent when it comes to what it considers an acceptable acquisition format for broadcast.  Over here in North America we shoot on any ol’ crap and broadcast it on TV, but it’s not so easy across the pond.  So when Canon’s EOS-1DC DSLR camera was tested and successfully met those requirements I’d call that a significant achievement for the DSLR. In short, the camera is capable of recording intra-frame compression in 8 bit, 4:2:2 at full 4K to compact flash cards. The magic in when these 4K files are down converted to standard HD resolutions providing a strikingly sharp and low aliased image. If I have to shoot with a DSLR, this is the camera I’d choose and I’d always shoot 4K Intra-frame every day of the week. Independent tests show down-converted 4K files are in fact far sharper than the camera’s own native HD files!

Source: Canon Global : News | News Releases.


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