“A Friend of Mine” Music video by Replay and The Artcraft Zoo

I’ve been meaning to write something about a music video that I collaborated with producer, Jason Kennedy at Replay and directors Daniel AM Rosenberg and Briin Bernstein at “The Artcraft Zoo”. Unlike 99% of music videos that shoot for 18+ hours, we shot this one over two short days and I was home before sunset on both days. This team is always super organized and prepared so there is never a minute of the day that is wasted on decision making or running around scattered.

We shot using the Red Epic and used mostly available light. it wasn’t supposed to look too glossy and romanticized but rather a bit more natural and documentary feeling for the narrative parts of the video. In fact, during pre-production a DSLR was considered as the main camera because the team didn’t want to move around like “dinosaurs” which was the word they used to describe traditionally slow shooting practices. We still decided against a DSLR and opted for the Red’s better picture quality and ability to grade.  We did however operate it in handheld configuration for all the classroom sequences to give it a more lose gritty, guerrilla approach.

Lighting was simple and fast. I used a medium daylight chimera bag with a 1.2K HMI PAR to supplement the diffused sunlight coming through the classroom windows. The overhead lights were changed to daylight balanced tubes and that was it. Outside sequences sometimes used an 8X8 bounce. We kept everything small and manageable to maximize the number of locations and set-ups.


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