Nikon Files Patent for an Interchangeable Sensor Camera.


What if you had a camera where you could change the looks simply by swapping out different sensors like you could swap out different rolls of film? I’ve had this idea for so long now and low and behold, Nikon files a patent for an interchangeable sensor camera. The thing is, I’m not so sure it’s such a great idea any longer. With advancements in sensor design we will eventually see super-sensors with dynamic range extending beyond the human eye, capable of making any image characteristic we want on ONE sensor. The new Arri Amira coming out next year offers an on-board ability to switch “looks” in camera already. Not to mention, advancements in post production offer anyone any look they want now. It will be interesting to wait and see if this concept sees the light of day.

Hit up the source link for details…



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