Meet “Amira”, Arri’s new super 35mm documentary camera!

Update: December 30, 2013.

Zacuto has just posted an exclusive 1st look of the new Amira expected later in 2014. Features are in camera grading, 30% lighter, separate B4 mount, excellent ergonomics, high speed up to 200fps, same sensor. Couple this camera with the cabrio lenses and you have yet another game changer on your hands. Look at how excited the interviewer is in this video.

Well, talk about coming out of left field! I did not see this one coming from Arri. My friend and director, Daniel AM Rosenberg tipped me off to breaking news about Arri’s latest addition to their ever growing, and wildly popular Alexa camera family.  The Amira (pronounced ah-meer-uh) is the sister camera to the Alexa and it is Arri’s response to demand for a budget friendly, true ENG style camera that has the same sensor and picture quality as the Alexa. From what I can gather, Arri has delivered big-time and I think they might have just re-invented what an ENG camera should have been from the beginning.

Availability looks like early 2014 and pricing rumours suggest a 45K price tag. I’ll have more to say on this soon as to why this is such ground breaking camera.


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