New website launched. Why re-invent the wheel?

I actually launched my new and improved website a few weeks ago. Finally, for the first time, I have creative control on updating content when I want and pretty much how I want. I’m no longer held hostage by web designers waiting to make changes and updates to broken code that never seemed to work properly in the first place. This is the very first time I’ve been able to host video clips and still images on the same site while providing myself with full backend management and control. Wow. This was a long time coming.

These days, there’s really no point to reinvent the wheel. It seems almost everyday someone is coming out with custom creative portfolio opportunities for very little money. What at one time, not even four years ago, a custom site could cost thousands to make. Today, you make it yourself for 10 bucks a month. These sites give us the ability to promote our work without the need to hire or rely on expensive web masters or know anything about coding. Do a simple search and see how many offerings for custom portfolios there are. It’s a buyer’s market and custom portfolios have never been better, cheaper, or more simpler to use.



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