Fashion Designers pick up the camera and shoot their own Campaigns.


I found an interesting article about some big-name fashion designers who have taken hold of the camera and begun to shoot their own campaigns.  The article is not about photographers who vehemently oppose this (although I’m sure there are many who do)  Rather, it suggests that artists, in this case, designers need not be purists and can instead be multi-disciplinary in their careers, and most importantly, feel absolutely comfortable about their decision.  I think this quote from the article sums it up perfectly…

“A purist might argue that a designer should design, a photographer should take photographs, and so forth. honestly, that’s a very unsophisticated argument. Since the birth of postmodernism, critics have been divided over the pluralist aspirations of everyone from painters to architects, who have often been taken less seriously for daring to work across multiple media.”

Read the full article here.


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