Music Video: Dru Love Collision


I was fortunate enough to do another video with director, Daniel AM Rosenberg from, the Artcraft Zoo and producer, Jason Kennedy from Replay Entertainment. This was by far their most ambitious video to date and required extensive planning by Daniel to pull off.  But what is interesting in my opinion, from a technical viewpoint, is the video comes off looking somewhat unassuming. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Some may not realize that much of the video is green screen and compositing effect shots. For example just after the 2:40 mark the glass debris hanging in the air was shot separately as a single layer. Pieces of candy glass were ejected upward with an air cannon, against black and shot at 1500fps with a Phantom Flex. This layer was then composited with the hero walking toward the heroine against a 20X40 green screen, also at a fast frame using the Phantom high speed camera. The main bulk of the video was shot using the Red Epic.


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