The “Freefly Movi” is about to revolutionize cinematography.

UPDATE November 29, 2013. Here are my hands on impressions.

I might have just heard the collective screams of Steadicam operators and manufacturers of stabilized camera support systems manufacturers everywhere. Just ahead of NAB a company called Freefly announces a revolutionary stabilized camera support system that I’m certain will change things almost as profoundly as the video DSLR did 5 years ago. The company Freefly began by making light-payload remote controlled aerial helicopters for cinematography purposes. Now they have come out with their latest innovation, the Movi. Check out the video links below and you will be shocked at how amazing this new tool is. I can’t imagine anyone who won’t use this.

Check this video out of it working in action.

Behind the scenes video of the MOVI. Must see.

So, after thinking about this device for a bit, three things come to my mind. First, where was Glide, Steadicam, or any of the other stabilized manufacturers? These guys have been asleep at the wheel!  This is proof that innovation is everything and a smaller company comes out of nowhere and scoops their business right from underneath them.

Second, which is a little more rattling for me to consider… but this device makes me want to use a camera platform that is light enough and small enough to be used with the Movi! I love moving the camera around as much as possible, (this is motion photography after all) but for more reasons than not, I usually can’t because of logistical impracticalities, time and money. There just hasn’t been anything up to this point that can provide the same amount of versatility for as cheaply, and as quickly and effortlessly as this device can. Small cameras like the Epic and Canon C300 are going to be brilliant on this thing.  I’ll go as far as saying I think it will make some people choose these cameras over others just so they can use the Movi.

Thirdly, this little innovation is going to have at least as much impact on the reality TV market as the GoPro did. Reality Tv is going to go nuts for this device. I know, I’ve been there and they could use something like this. They embraced larger sensor cameras to a lessor extent, GoPros to a huge extent and I believe this will go over just as big. Those shows live and die by the creado of fast and cheap and this device is going to deliver for them big-time.


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