Vimeo introduces “looks enhancer”


Vimeo announced a new service called, “look enhancer.” It’s powered by Vivoom, who states… “seamlessly integrates into the Vimeo experience so you can create more engaging, higher quality video your friends will love to watch…We believe that, by democratizing the ability to make the video you capture beautiful and stylish, you’ll find video to be the most powerful and satisfying way to communicate.”

I checked it out and Davinci colour grading software and silver bullet looks have nothing to worry about. These presets are on the whole pretty crappy.  But my question is, for how long? I’ve always said the still photography business is ahead of the motion photography business by about 2-3 years. And right now in the stills world there is some pretty powerful look presets that don’t require any additional time spent in photoshop to craft something special looking. The latest offering changing the game is VSCO, for “visual supply company”. They are offering an incredibly powerful and convincing set of “film” presets for still photography. It’s not unreasonable to think that this will come to motion video in a couple of years. In fact, I’d say it would be crazy not to expect it.

If I were Davinci, who is now owned by BlackMagic, I’d be hard at work creating some amazing presets that can be integrated into final cut and avid suites.  There is a number of reasons why this should happen. First, the current selection of high-end colouring software is complicated to use and takes hundreds of hours to master.  Secondly, cameras are getting cheaper and people in these markets will be looking for an inexpensive colouring alternative. I could use something like VSCO for some of the motion stuff I shoot now. Editors who are not trained with colouring could quickly apply a very pleasing preset and tweak from there. I’m not suggesting this would ever replace something like a Davinci but it would offer people in certain markets a look they can be happy with.


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