Fisher Price Spot

Here is one of the spots I recently did for Fisher Price toys. We shot 2 X :30 adverts in two days. The idea was to make it look like we shot in different homes so one large house was selected using different areas of the house; standard operating practice.  There was, as always, a couple of challenges with working in the location. The first was working around a massive grand piano in the centre of the house that could not be moved or pushed to the side. We figured out a way to light and shoot around it which came down to some careful blocking and lighting diagrams. The PM was happy as was the home owner that the piano stayed put.

The bigger challenge was lighting the toddlers in a way that would accommodate their unpredictable action. You can’t go in and light so specifically and hope they reamin still for the ideal lighting set-up!  This challenge also extended to the camera movement. The camera had to be configured in a flexible enough way to change the shot and move with the action of the kids. This is easy when you are hand-holding an ENG camera, but a 75lb Alexa is an entirely different story. Fortunately, this was prepared and anticipated well in advance of the shoot day.


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