Asus TaiChi Tablet with Doug Gilmour

UPDATE: Here is the finished Asus spot.

I recently finished a small TV spot with Doug Gilmour for ASUS computers, directed by Christopher Gentile. This spot plays nationally on CBC and TSN. Did you know that ASUS is actually pronounced, “Eh-Soos”. This straight forward spot was made with only a small lighting video cube and the biggest source light was a 1.2K HMI plugged into the wall.

We shot this on my camera of choice, the Alexa, mounted to my increasingly favourite magnum dolly, G-Jib configuration. This rig allows me to change camera set-ups very quickly. In fact, I can usually line-up the next shot before the director has time to go refill his coffee. I found out later how many crew sneaked in some personal photos with Doug Gilmour!

Here is some story boards frames form the original concept…

doug gilmour7 doug gilmour1 doug gilmour3 doug gilmour4

photo 2

photo 1


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