“All I see” [Perception vs. Reality] by Famous

A music video I shot has been released. The video was directed by Daniel AM Rosenberg and Briin “Briin”? Bernstein and produced through the Artcraft zoo and Replay Entertainment. We had a lot of fun doing this. We used an Alexa camera as our A cam and a 5D DSLR for some panorama shots.

It was produced back to back with another video within 12 hours that had a completely different look and feel. The first video needed a white, flat style while this one needed to have a darker, more glamorous and space age looking feel to it. There was zero time and no budget to relight and change the lighting after the first video was done, so the solution was to light both sets simultaneously and wire everything into CD80 dimmer packs. This way we had control over what lights needed to be on or off for each video. Dimmers are a great way to throw up lots of lights at once and make individual scenes out of them.


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