Latest spot for Mattel

I just wrapped a two day commercial for Mattel toys. We shot six products in two days. The schedule was pretty relaxed because we gave ourselves enough time to work with toddlers! Usually there is not enough time or money but this time I had the blessing of both. We shot using the Alexa and I actually remembered to take some still images of the scenes. The Alexa has an excellent feature that allows you to “grab” still images of your scene and write it as a TIFF or JPEG file to an SD card. This feature proves to be invaluable when viewing and doing colour grades later… if you remember to do it that is. Usually I’m moving so fast that I forget most of the time. But this feature certainly beats lugging around a DSLR and taking shots on set; a method that has never worked for me. At least this time I managed to take grabs of a few of my set-ups. From here, I can send these stills to the director and editor as reference.

R1UN_20130205_132302-Edit R1UN_20130205_153114-Edit-Edit R1UN_20130206_133823-Edit R1UN_20130206_134004-Edit


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