Good times at the Sim Digital tech showcase.

I attended the Sim Digital technology showcase, and once again, Sim put on a great presentation of vendors, product demos, some live entertainment and of course a fabulous spread of food and beverage. Really, how can you go wrong? I didn’t even have to pay for parking because I live so close.

They had lots going on but I’m only going to mention a few of the items that were of interest to me, personally. The first thing I saw was at the William F. White’s booth where they were demoing their new 750K techno dolly. This beast is the new state of the art motion control solution that is faster, better and far easier to use than anything else that has come before it. You essentially position it at various points along your shot path and press a “capture” button which records that stop, called a “keyframe”. Once you capture all your key-frames, you press play and the techno dolly fills in the rest. If you want to be more specific, simply add more “capture” points and delete the ones that don’t work for you. You can also press a record button that records your manually operated jib moves.  When you are finished, press stop and the techno dolly has just recorded your exact movements for playback, even handheld moves off the head are recorded exactly. This was a super impressive piece of hardware and I captured a bit of video showing it in operation.


The next thing I saw was an Alexa camera set-up on a traditional studio-pedestal that you typically see in a multi-camera environment. Arri was actually showing off how their Alexa cameras are well suited for episodic, multi-camera studio productions. They have a new Fiber Remote Option set-up for the ALEXA camera that has been adapted specifically for broadcast-style, multi-camera productions, including sitcoms, musical events and live broadcast applications. If you are interested there is an article here about how this system was used at a Coldplay concert using an Alexa.


The last thing that stood out for me was the new, Miro high-speed Phantom camera by Vision Research. Mitch Gross from Abel Cine-tech was on hand to provide product info and a live demonstration. Essentially, the hit points of this camera is it records fully uncompressed RAW at 1920X1080 at 1500fps for a cost of around 65K. Compare this to the Flex that costs over 250K! Some other benefits of this camera is that it is small and compact enough to get into places only a DSLR can. A very innovative product.


I was also looking out for the Sony F55 camera but Sony could not procure one for the event at this time.


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