Artemis director’s viewfinder app gets full-blown overhaul.

My favourite app for tech surveys and on-set work is Artemis, and it recently received a major overhaul. After months of waiting, I can say finally say it has been worth the wait. The developers at Chemical Wedding listened, learned and put out a big upgrade for their popular app. For those who have not heard of Artemis, it is a digital director’s viewfinder app for iOS and android. I’m always a little surprised at how many people ask me about this app when they see me using it. If you want a full description check it out here at the developer’s site.

I won’t give a review of this product because many have been written elsewhere, but I will mention some of the new improvements. Amongst a few irritating bug fixes the whole thing looks cleaner, tighter and runs a bit faster. The best improvement for me is screenshots from the app are now stored in their very own “image bank” folder independent of the iPhone’s photo gallery which makes for faster retrieval and playback. I used to hate that I had to temporarily leave the program and open the iPhone’s photo folder to see the shots I just made. This was a huge pain and time waster as people waited as I muddled around finding the shots for them. I’m really happy this has been sorted!

Another improvement is you can now make photo selections from the “image bank” and send out the screen shots in a nice tidy PDF file to who ever requires them. If there’s tons of shots, there is even an option to upload to dropbox. Each photo is now stamped with GPS coordinates, date and a convenient sunrise/sunset time.

Finally, Artemis has to use a digital zoom to mimic the various focal lengths of lenses, so the longer the lens, the more digital zoom and the blurrier the shot. I’m pretty sure in this version they have drastically improved the resolution of zoomed shots up to 85mm which is amazing! I don’t know how they did it but shots appear sharper than using the iPhone’s built in digital zoom. If you are still sitting on the fence with this product it’s now an absolute must buy.



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