Phantom Flex at 2000FPS!

I just finished up some slow motion photography for director, Daniel Rosenberg, production provided by Replay Entertainment. We shot this for a music video project using the Phantom Flex at 2000fps! This is no indication of the quality of the shot as I recorded this off of the playback monitor using my iPhone so it’s not camera original. But it’s always fun to see what is happening in the blink of an eye. Here’s the secret about Phantom… Doesn’t matter what you shoot, it all looks good.

For this pick-up day of shooting I was my own grip and gaffer! I haven’t hooked up a 175AMP disconnect Box or strung out 5-wire cable in years. There was nothing pretty about it how I lit this.  I slammed two 10Ks into this scene through frames and I knew going into this I could have used even more light for a deeper stop but what are you gonna do? Fortunately this was the Phantom Flex which has about twice the base sensitivity as the Gold version of the camera.


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